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SiteStudio — Web Site Builder customers can use SiteStudio, the industry's leading browser-based web site builder. With SiteStudio, businesses use this web site builder to create their own web site without knowing FTP, HTML, Telnet, HTTP, or imaging software. If they can surf the Internet, they can build their own professionally looking web site.

Site studio is a quick and easy web site builder. With thousands of professional layouts and color combinations to choose from, this web site builder is flexible and web site designs are unlimited.

SiteStudio web site builder automatically creates web sites with images, logos, buttons, and sidebars. The images can all be generated in selected colors. Even professional quality rollover buttons are as simple as selecting a specific layout.

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  • Simple to use: SiteStudio guides the user step-by-step in the web site builder environment, providing simple choices regarding color, style and images. There is no software to buy, and no code to learn. In addition, there is no need to mess around with programs such as FTP or Telnet. It's a stand alone web site builder.
  • Content and Design Separation: The content of the web site is stored separately from the layout. The web site builder completely changes the look and feel of the web site with just a few clicks of the mouse. The SiteStudio web site builder manages these changes without ever having to retype any information!
  • Complete control over color schemes: The SiteStudio web site builder includes a number of built-in color combinations that look great with any layout. The web site builder is also used to add a little originality to the site! All the colors can be changed either by using a point-and-click color picker or by typing in the color as a hex number for even more control.
  • Layout templates: Using the web site builder, the layout of the site is controlled by layout templates. They are created in HTML enhanced by a few additional tags for generating images. Additional layouts are constantly being created and specific designs can even be requested for use in the web site builder.
  • On-the-fly image generation: SiteStudio dynamically generates the images it needs for each web site design, so each time the color combination changes for a page, the layout and the necessary images are automatically created. With this powerful web site builder, there is no need to bother with complex and expensive programs such as Photoshop to create web sites. The web site builder produces clean and professional-looking graphics because SiteStudio designers have already done it for them!
  • User-uploaded images: Thanks to the Image Uploader, images can be transferred to the online account without leaving the browser. As part of this dynamic web site builder, these images can be incorporated into page content or even page design. Create an online photo album or insert a personal picture to make it a seamless part of the page logo.
  • Variety of pages: SiteStudio can be used to make many different pages with the web site builder. Users create an online resume, or build a personal photo album. Everything is done in a simple step-by-step process that is easy to learn and to follow. And because pages are template driven, users can add their own custom page types, or request pages with specific functionality from SiteStudio.
  • One-click publishing: Web sites are published with one easy click of the web site builder. But even after publishing, it can be changed as much as desired. Clicking the publish button instantly updates the "live" version of the site.
  • Persistence: All information is saved the moment it is entered into the web site builder. If the user decides to log out, they can return and continue building their web site where they left off.
  • Complete control over the web site: With Site Studio's default settings, unique and attractive web sites are commonplace when the web site builder is used. For the advanced user, SiteStudio provides a way to modify important elements like navigation buttons.
  • Advanced full screen text/HTML Rich Editor: The browser-based text editor for Internet Explorer empowers SiteStudio users to work with formatting, styles, tables, bullets and more. The web site builder Rich Editor allows copy and paste functions and even the most complex tables from a web browser or any Office application can be utilized.
  • Integration with on-line shops: Integrated within the web site builder, users can create their own on-line shopping cart system. It has everything needed to operate a successful on-line business: a shopping cart, secure payment gateway and a merchant account issued by One Stop Merchant Services. For personal web sites, users can create web store.